IPSafari was founded by a team of innovative engineers who were inspired by TCP/IP (Transmission Communication Protocol/Internet Protocol) – hence the name IPSafari (IP = Internet Protocol).

We provide consulting and training services in project management, business analysis, agile and scrum to individuals and organizations.

What is IPsafari?

Every day, as we use the Internet, information is broken down into packets for delivery to the desired destination. The packets know their source as well as the destination addresses – however, they don’t know how they’ll there. This is where the Internet Protocol(IP) comes in. IP defines how to address and route the packet so that it gets to its destination.

In much the same way as the Internet Protocol, at IPSafari, we’ll collaborate with you to chart an iterative path from where you’re at the moment to your desired strategic destination.

Like an IP packet we’ll together go on a journey or safari, an IPSafari!


IPSafari provides operationally experienced, information technology and business consultants who embed themselves into an organization and take responsibility for programs, projects or initiatives at a variety of organizational levels. Our consultants report to the business, while working with organizational decision-makers to ensure that solutions are technically sound and aligned with business strategy. We specialize in:

  • Digital Strategy & Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Business Systems Analysis


IPSafari offers hands-on, interactive, experiential training led by instructors with real-world experience. Our training helps you accomplish professional credibility through hands-on experiential training and coaching so that you may not only earn industry certification, but also have the confidence to "hit the ground running" with your newly acquired skills. We offer public instructor-led face-to-face and online as well as private onsite training in:

  • Agile & Scrum
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis

Meet the Team

IPsafari is a team of innovative engineers based in Mississauga, Canada.

Charles Mutunga, BSC, MSE, PMP, SMC


Charles is an agile, scrum and project management practitioner with over 20 years of experience across the areas of telecommunications, information technology, software development and higher education.

In the last four years Charles leveraged agile and scrum frameworks to scale out more than forty projects for one of our global clients. The solutions were mainly based on the Drupal 8 web application framework, into over 12 countries in 3 continents.

Charles has hands-on software development, design and architecture proficiency across a variety of technologies including Drupal, PHP, C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, AJAX, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JS, Rest, JSON, SQL, MySQL and Oracle 11g.

Charles holds a master’s of software engineering degree from Brandeis University as well as Scrum Master and PMP certification.
He additionally teaches project management at Brandeis University.

Paskwa Mutunga, BTech, MBA, PMP, CBAP,SMC


Paskwa Mutunga is an agile, entrepreneurial, technical project manager with over 15 years experience managing Software Development and IT Infrastructure teams in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Using a lean-Startup, agile approach, Paskwa has helped organisations achieve up to 75% improvement in speed-to-market of IT projects and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). She holds herself fully accountable for project success and value delivery.

Paskwa is also a Full Stack Web Developer with proven experience in HTML/CSS/JS/Bootstrap, AJAX/RestAPI, NodeJs/jQuery,ReactJs,ExpressJs, GitHub/Heroku/Wordpress/SharePoint, MongoDB/MySQL. https://github.com/pmutunga

Paskwa holds a master's degree in international business administration, a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering as well as PMP, CBAP and Scrum Master certification.

She is also a contributing author of "The Business Analysis Book of Mentors" compiled by David Barrett and Sandee Vincent.


"As an Instructor/Professor of Business Analysis & Project Management, Charles brought together an in-depth knowledge of the subject areas and practical real-world experience to create an interesting and valuable learning experience. His thorough approach ensured that all topic areas were fully covered and his amicable nature fostered an accessible environment."

"I've had the pleasure of attending some of Paskwa's innovation workshops. She has an unassuming leadership quality that is engaging, and able to get the best out of attendees. Well-spoken and tempered communication skills add to her presentation. She has a bright future in this field."

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