Position Educational content copywriters
Location Mississauga, Ontario but 100% remote
  1. Guided by a published curriculum copy, you will author elementary and high school raw educational content; topic notes and slide decks
    • To be used as raw material for creating educational tools
    • Grades 6, 7, 8 & 9 material initially
    • Geography, history, science/tech, math & language initially. We’ll assign each author in the field of their expertise
  2. You will create an ordinary (non-virtual) lesson plan for each topic alongside each topic note to guide virtual instructional designer architect online learning content.
  3. You will tutor up to four kids together via ZOOM for a maximum of 2 hours each workday day in order to align content with real life instruction. Ideally experience, challenges and questions kids may have will help optimize content.
  4. You will also guide specific tool creators building animations, quizzes, e-flash cards, assignment, discussion forum etc. to ensure that their output is consistent with learning curriculum and baseline content that you will create.
  The authored material is targeted at learning content creators -- not kids. What you create will be the basis (raw material) for creating online teaching material targeted at kids. You will lay the foundation to guide others create the learning platform content. The material you create will carefully scope each topic. It will capture all that the kids need to learn at their respective grade but only what they need to learn; nothing less and nothing beyond their level.
  • You will hold a bachelor’s degree related to the subject for which you will create material
  • You will be pursuing or have completed qualification in education.
  • You will be able to demonstrate ability to create good education related materials such as school and college essays, assignments etc.
  • You will be able to generate good quality material in reasonable timelines
  • A flair and/or experience in teaching/tutoring is very nice to have.
  • This opportunity is open only to candidates authorized to work in Canada without specific sponsorship. For example, Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
Term Job Type: Entry level, full-time and/or part-time. 100% remote.
Salary To be agreed based on qualifications and market rates
Employer IPSafari Inc.
Website Careers
Project page Virtual School
Big picture IPSafari Inc. is a consulting, training and web development company. We’re in the early stages of a project that aims to build a web portal to help parents tutor or homeschool their K-12 kids. Please follow the project page link (https://ipsafari.com/v-shule) for perspective.

Key to this end is bridging the gap between the official learning curriculum on one hand and technology; specifically, tools and techniques that will help portal users meet learning goals. To this end we need the services of team members who are passionate about both learning material and learning technology. This particular role is targeted at candidates able to share and apply their knowledge and skills as related to raw education content creation.

Next steps If interested please email a resume, any extract (portfolio) to demonstrate your authoring skills and any illustration or evidence of academic excellence to either of;

  1. careers@ipsafari.com -- If you’re interest is employment related (intern, co-op, contract part-time or full time)
  2. vendors@ipsafari.com -- If you wish to fulfill this role in a business context (as freelancer, consultant, partnership or incorporated company)

Please indicate the role of your interest for in the subject line

  Only qualified candidates will be contacted for further discussion.