Position Educational Illustrators
Location Mississauga, Ontario but 100% remote, can work from anywhere
Responsibility Are you a talented and skilled illustrator? Would you enjoy creating clip art and illustrations to accompany educational content? If you have a flair and passion for enhancing writing using creative illustrations then this role will excite you.

  • You’ll collaborate (virtually) with educational copy writers and content creators.
  • They’ll initially be creating educational content for grades 6, 7, 8 and 9
  • You’ll quickly develop an understanding of each topic the writers are creating content for
  • You’ll then further appreciate each copy writer’s need for illustrations, infographics, clip art pieces and related art work to be embedded into educational power points slides and Microsoft word documents.
  • Copy writer’s needs in this context relates to visual representation of information and knowledge to aid clarity, readability, interest and cognition
  • Based on the above you’ll create illustrational pieces to enhance the content’s value in this regard
  Our primary interest is demonstrable creativity and effectiveness in meeting learning goals with effective illustrations, infographics and related art work
  • Post secondary education in visual arts with excellent grades
  • Ability to present your own portfolio of past infographics, clip art and related artifacts
  • Ability to use an effective illustrational software to expeditiously create infographics. Please indicate the drawing tools that you’re most proficient with.
  • Demonstrable understanding of one or more of the listed subjects at the senior high school level. (English language, math, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history and social sciences)
  • Experience in teaching or creating educational visuals is a big plus.
Term Job Type: Entry level, full-time and/or part-time. 100% remote.
Salary To be agreed based on market rates.
Employer IPSafari Inc.
Website Careers
Project page Virtual School
Big picture IPSafari Inc. is a consulting, training and web development company. We’re in the early stages of a project that aims to build a web portal to help parents tutor or homeschool their K-12 kids. Please follow the project page link (https://ipsafari.com/v-shule) for perspective.

Key to this end is bridging the gap between the official learning curriculum on one hand and technology; specifically, tools and techniques that will help portal users meet learning goals. To this end we need the services of team members who are passionate about both learning content and technology. This particular role is targeted at candidates able to share and apply their knowledge and skills as related to visual arts as applied to educational content.

Next steps If interested, please email a resume, any extract (portfolio) to demonstrate your authoring skills and any illustration or evidence of academic excellence to either of;

  1. careers@ipsafari.com -- If you’re interest is employment related (intern, co-op, contract part-time or full time)
  2. vendors@ipsafari.com -- If you wish to fulfill this role in a business context (as freelancer, consultant, partnership or incorporated company)

Please indicate your interest role for in the email subject line

  Only qualified candidates will be contacted for further discussion.