Withdrawal and no-shows

A student who fails to show up for the first class of the course will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course.

Delivery of training material

Online tools are deemed to have been delivered to a student when the student makes the first login or related app download. Online tools include but are not limited to flashcard app, audio conversation on the PMP exam, pass the PMP (35-hour e-learning course), online test simulator and process explorer and any other online tool delivered to supplement instructor led-courses.

Workbooks and similar material are deemed delivered to the student when shipped by courier or related mode of delivery to the address on record.

Withdrawal and no-show refunds for funded students

In some cases, lending intermediaries such as PayBright, loan funds to students for the courses but pay the same directly to IPSAFARI Inc by virtue of a student assistance partnership we have with them.

As per our agreement with lenders, in cases where funding is successful but the student in this category fails to show up for the first class of the course (deemed withdrawal), then funds paid directly by the financiers to IPSAFARI in this way will be refunded in full. Refund will be made to the lender/intermediary (such as PayBright) at their absolute discretion. Refunds will include portion of the course not taken but exclude any tools and material already delivered to the student.

Refunds to non-funded students

Non-funded students (those who have paid IPSAFARI directly with their own credit/debit cards or cheque) may withdraw with 10 days written notice by email for a full refund. We will however withhold cost of learning material if already ordered by IPSAFARI for the class on their behalf. Learning material costs are typically 15% to 25% of the overall fee. The learning material will still be delivered to the student in that case.

Those in this category who withdraw with less than ten-day notice will have the opportunity to utilize their paid funds for a future class of the course if the reasons for withdrawal are due to unavoidable circumstances such as unforeseen travel or illness. If they are still unable to attend future classes then the course fee (except cost of learning material already ordered for the student) will be refunded.

Refunds related to IPSAFARI “exam pass guarantee”.

Most of the courses we offer are linked to professional certification exams. IPSAFARI guarantees that any students taking such courses through us will pass the respective exam linked to the course. If any client student is unable to pass the respective exam within 12 months then we shall make a full refund to the student, less the cost of any material purchased on their behalf. Students who wish to take advantage of this refund window will need to demonstrate via transcripts that they have attempted the exam at least three times within 12 months of the class end and failed all attempts.

This "exam pass guarantee" only applies to instructor-led classes and specifically excludes self-paced courses

Refunds related to “shining star” award

Throughout the course the instructor, at his/her discretion, will confidentially evaluate all student along the listed soft skill dimensions

  • Clarity, verbal and written communication skill
  • Class engagement
  • Interpersonal skills and respect for others.

Student who are well assessed will be eligible for the “shining star” award granted in every class that has an enrollment of 10 or more students. Those eligible will be invited to submit their exam transcript within 6 months of the class. The best will be granted the award. The award will include a certificate and refund of 50% of the course fee, less learning material costs.

This "shining star award" only applies to instructor-led classes and specifically excludes self-paced courses

Employment assistance

In addition to the invitation to participate in the “shining star” award all well evaluated students as described above will be invited to join a confidential portal for pre-screened candidates where they will be recommended to employers, matched with recruiters and with employment assistance resource persons at no cost for 12 months after course end.

This "employment assistance" only applies to instructor-led classes and specifically excludes self-paced courses