If you are already quite knowledgeable in the subject matter then this option may be for you. You have a self paced online class as described below.

  • PASS THE PMP: E-learning course with 35 hours of online modules, over 500 practice test questions, exercises and more accessible 24/7 (3 months)
  • FLASHCARD APP: 250+ flashcards on an easy to use app.
    Sort, review, flag and retain all inputs, tools, and outputs.
  • ONLINE TESTING SIMULATOR: Includes Practice Test A, B and C for a total of 600 additional questions accessible 24/7 (3 months)
  • PROCESS EXPLORER: An online tool providing a dynamic and interactive view of the entire process framework
  • AUDIO CONVERSATIONS ON THE PMP EXAM: Audio tracks of PM experts discussing their insights into PMP Exam topics, and tips and tricks to help you pass
  • TESTING APP: Phone/tablet app filled with practice test questions
  • THE PMP EXAM: HOW TO PASS ON YOUR FIRST TRY BY ANDY CROWE. The textbook defining exactly what to study for the test, how to learn it, how to apply it, and why it is important
  • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: 6-page, laminated study guide that presents all 49 processes along with key inputs, tools and outputs.
  • STUDENT WORKBOOK: Coil-bound print out of the entire slide deck with space for taking notes
  • FORMULA SHEETS: Various formula sheets and handouts help you memorize, understand and perform needed calculations
  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Proof of obtaining 47 Accredited Contact Hours

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