Why Scrum is the most popular agile framework

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About Project Management

Project management is about getting things done. We have been trying to get things done since the garden of Eden. We have learnt a lot in the process and we have discovered some very best practices that are now codified in a discipline that we call “project management”.

A successful project has a specific start and finish date. It delivers the full required project scope, as per agreed upon quality standards, on time and on budget. Successful project delivery hinges upon applications of best practices acquired over centuries and now codified by the project management institute in the project management body of knowledge. It is primarily a specialized management function dependent on skilled, experienced and well-trained project managers.

There are two types of organizational work, project work and operations. The latter is now increasingly automated. Organizational success in the 21st Century will depend on successful project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring control and closure. Having competent and effective project managers on staff will make or break the 21st Century Organization.


A career in project management enables you to hone your skills as a leader and manager. In today’s global competitive environment, organizations are using Project Management to implement strategy and drive growth.  Project Management Professionals are in high demand.

Agile Project Management Professionals

The Project Management Profession

It is a valid career advancement route for most professionals irrespective of domain of specialization. If you are smart, organized, communicate well, have developed interpersonal skills and like working with people then you can transition into project management from a variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds. You may need to acquire some skills in the domain you choose, but key to success will be your project management proficiency.

We offer learn-by-doing traditional Project Management courses that are interactive and engaging facilitated by instructors with real-world experience.

We also offers hands-on, interactive and engaging courses that allow you to apply agile values and principles and earn industry recognized certification.

At IPSafari, our goal is to help you accomplish professional credibility and goals if you’d like to transition into or advance in project management. We accomplish this by working with you through hands-on experiential training and coaching. Our training will not only enable you to earn industry certification, but will equip you to "hit the ground running" with your newly acquired skills.


Two Approaches to Managing Projects


When the project scope (what needs doing) is well known and understood, the technology stable and unchanging and that there is clarity across the board; then traditional project management (sometimes called the "waterfall" approach) is the very best way to go. The project management institute (PMI) has codified traditional project management best practices in the “project management body of knowledge” (PMBOK). The project management professional (PMP) exam validates your traditional project management proficiency.  It is the gold standard for traditional project management.


About Agile Project Management




  • When a project involves considerable exploration,
  • When there’s the need to adapt in response to new insights,
  • In cases where requirements and technology are likely to change during a project,

then a more iterative approach is called for.  This is when you should use an agile project management approach.

The project management institute has produced the “agile practice guide” that embodies agile project management best practices.  The PMI-ACP exam validates your agile project management proficiency.

Today, many organizations are increasingly using agile methodologies in managing complex and innovative projects. The demand for agile practitioners is growing.

Which approach is better?

We hold the view that no approach is inherently better. The approach selected for each initiative must be based on project goals and specifics. Using a traditional approach for a project better suited for an agile approach or the reverse will yield sub-optimal results.

Our Classes

Get the skills and tools that will empower you to deliver projects from start to finish and equip you for a rewarding career in Project Management.


Our Exam Prep Classes

We offer traditional and agile project management exam preparations classes that will prepare you to pass the exam at the first try. You will also be grounded with real world project management knowledge and skills. If you do not pass then we will refund your fee as per our refund policy.

Foundation Classes

If you are not looking to sit any exam in the short term, but would like to have enough basic project management skills, we offer a foundation course too. The course would suite project team members, executives and senior management in organizations that have many projects or who oversee rather than manage projects or newbies with an eye to project management work in the future


Financing is available for our courses. You can learn now and pay later with 6, 12 or 24 easy monthly payments. Please follow this link for details.

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Cancellations and Refunds

We will refund your enrollment fee or part of it if you are unable to come to class, fail the exam associated with the course that you take or are designated as shining star. Please follow this link for details.

Our refund policy in detail

Class Configurations:

Most of our classes come in three configurations;

Instructor-led "Classroom-Based" Exam Prep Courses:

This traditional classroom mode of learning is the most engaging configuration. As you can imagine this is no longer an option, all "brick and mortar" courses are on hold

Instructor-led "Live Online"  Exam Prep Courses:

When commuting to a brick and mortar classroom is not an option, you can attend a virtual classroom that is in everyway like a traditional classroom. It is presented via video conferencing and mediated with collaboration tools.

This class is conducted by a live North America based instructor and is punctuated by collaborative exercises between students. You will regularly divide into break out groups for the purpose. “After class” video and online tools are available for three months after the class to enable you continue to review the material learnt and to do practice exams.

What do I get

Self-paced Online  Exam Prep Courses:

If you are already quite knowledgeable in the subject matter then this option may be for you. You have a self paced online class as described below.

What do I get

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